Monthly Archives: June 2017

Organizing My Life with Trello

“How does David get so much done?” I wish I got things done. 🙁 I use a variety of tools that aid me in my quest to be seemingly productive. Today, I will be discussing my thoughts on Trello. What Is Trello? Before you learn how to organize your life with Trello, let’s find out […]

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PUT vs PATCH: What Is the Difference?

I have been working with some colleagues on a web API that can be used to provide more support to customers who use our devices. We originally demonstrated a prototype that was built with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. The idea was well received but we were asked to continue our project using Microsoft’s stack because that […]

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Git Basics: A Short Introduction

In a previous post, I discussed the differences between centralized and distributed version control systems. I also made a statement that I prefer distributed version control systems. Git is a distributed version control system. I do not claim that it is the best or that I am a master at it but I have had […]

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Using Vim for a Week

I have been listening to development podcasts for a while now. Once in a while, I hear either a host or a guest mention how great Vim is and how everybody should at least try it. Well, here I am. A week after trying to use Vim. Emphasis on try because it is, and will always […]

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