David Tran

A New Chapter

Dear devoted readers (anyone? 🙁), you may have noticed that I have transitioned to a new job.

In addition to updating my site, I have also updated my "about me".

A New Page

While I said transitioned earlier, I have not actually begun working yet. I asked for a week off to relax and rejuvenate before making my next career move.

I have been taking this time to do some decluttering, work on side projects (like this blog!), and spend time with my dog. Expect some extra posts this week since I have quite a bit of time to think and reflect!

As stated on my home page, I am very excited to join the TigerConnect team!

TigerConnect is building a platform to help facilitate secure and reliable communication in the healthcare industry.

In healthcare, communication can literally change lives. With medical error now the third leading cause of death in the US (Johns Hopkins University), it’s more crucial than ever for your care teams to operate as cohesive units.

Part of my excitement stems from the fact that I will have the opportunity to work with JavaScript technologies (React, Electron). I am quite enthusiastic about web technologies!

However, I am definitely most excited for the impact I will have on the healthcare industry! I am always searching for my career purpose and I believe TigerConnect's mission aligns with mine.

I want to help equip professionals with the best tools to improve the lives of physicians, nurses, and patients. One day, I know that my loved ones or myself will be in the care of such professionals, and I want to know that they are given an environment where they can perform their best.

A Page Turned

While I am very excited for this transition, I would be lying if I did not say I will miss some aspects of my old position.

The thing I will miss the most are the great friendships that were cultivated during my stay. However, I know that I will continue to meet awesome people! Plus, I can still keep in contact with them and hang out every now and then.

I know the following may sound a bit confusing and it is also difficult for me to express. However, I felt like I was becoming too comfortable in this position. I felt my growth as a developer became stagnant.

The reasoning behind this feeling is probably a combination of the company culture and some form of burnout. This did play a factor in my decision to leave but my desire to jump into the web space was the overarching rationale.

Closing Thoughts

The end of another chapter in my life. So it goes.

Overall, I will definitely come to miss many things about my previous company, especially those that I took for granted. On the other hand, I am ecstatic to begin having an impact on the healthcare industry!

How do you deal with the feelings of burnout and stagnation? What is your career purpose as a developer?

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