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Podcasts to Listen to in 2017: A Software Developer’s Perspective

What does a software developer do in their free time besides thinking about food?

Nothing much.

​What does this software developer do in his free time?

Among other actions required for living, I like to listen to podcasts.

On some days (most days), I gain more auditory stimulation ​through podcasts than social interactions. No, I am not ashamed. I am an introvert and I enjoy my alone time!

Despite this fact, I am very open to having ​conversations with others. Feel free to start a conversation with me in the comments section below!

​Alright, enough detours. Here are the podcasts I am currently listening to in 2017:

  1. Stuff You Should Know
  2. Developer Tea
  3. Simple Programmer
  4. Niche Pursuits

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) ​is a podcast about stuff you should know. Wow, who would have guessed? A co-worker turned my attention to this work of art and I was ecstatic to discover that this podcast had been around since 2008 with over 800 episodes to binge listen!

​The co-hosts, Josh and Chuck, talk about an array of topics ranging from meth labs to the Megalodon (a giant, extinct shark) to poop. The dual are charismatic and they compliment each other well. I thoroughly enjoy their insight into topics I would have never have known about.

There is a high possibility that the knowledge that I have gained from this podcast overshadows my entire educational history. At the very least, I can show off my knowledge for many interesting subjects. I hope that I will be able to attend one of their live shows one day. ​

​What? Did you think I only listened to development related podcasts because of my profession? I enjoy learning about other topics as well, like poop. Especially poop. But I hear you, you would like to know about some development podcasts, right?

​Developer Tea

Developer Tea is a podcast about development that is meant to fit inside your tea (or whatever you drink) break. The main technical topics discussed are usually related to web development but a majority of the points can be applied to general software development as well.

The host, ​Jonathan Cutrell, talks about his experience working at a web development firm and his thoughts on becoming a better software developer. While technical topics are definitely covered, a majority of this podcast is about improving your soft skills.

Soft skills are ​non-technical skills that are still important to one's career. They are also referred to as communication or interpersonal skills at times. One of Jonathan's mission statements is to "help developers level up in their careers".

As a side note, I find Jonathan's voice quite soothing. I am not sure if that is the best way to describe it but his tone (and insight) will definitely keep your attention.

Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer ​is a podcast that seems to be focused on programming at a first glance. Although programming is absolutely discussed, this podcast aims to empower you to improve every aspect of your life.

The host, ​John Sonmez, is a successful software developer (among many other things) who aspires to "make the complex simple". In this podcast, John touches on the topic of development, fitness, sexuality, and more.

There does not seem to be a limit to what he covers but all the themes are centered around improving one's self. There is strong emphasis on soft skills as he believes that these skills are a multiplier to one's technical skills.

​As you can tell, I have a strong inclination toward improving my soft skills in addition to my technical (hard) ones. What I really love about this podcast is that John is very transparent and is not afraid to admit fault or shy away from controversial subjects.

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is a podcast about online businesses. Yes, you read that right. I have recently delve into the world of online businesses and this podcast serves as a great way to learn the ins and outs of beginning and running such an operation.

The host, Spencer Haws, is a successful online entrepreneur who provides his expertise to help both those starting an online business and those who are looking to improve theirs. The podcast consists of Spencer sharing his thoughts and interviews with other successful online entrepreneurs.

Although there seems to be a focus on niche websites and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses, the concepts and advice ​provided can be applied to many other business models as well.

One thing I really enjoy about this podcast is the niche site project series. This is a series where Spencer and his guests document their progress in building a niche site online business so that listeners can follow along and create their own site while understanding the underlying decisions.

I am currently working with a friend on increasing revenue for an existing site through various means, most of which are discussed in this podcast. I am looking to document my own progress via this blog so stay tuned!

Podcasts in Trial

Even though I am currently listening to four podcasts on a regular basis, I am always seeking for interesting podcasts to add to my repertoire.

I have caught up with some of the podcasts I listed so there is some downtime while waiting for a new episode to be published.​ On the other hand, I just feel like listening to different podcasts at different times.

​I am currently testing two podcasts:

  1. JavaScript Jabber
  2. Flash Forward

I discovered JavaScript Jabber while searching for a more technical podcast that focuses on JavaScript, my one true love. I have been listening to a couple of episodes and I can say that I am appreciating the content.

I found Flash Forward by looking for something different to try. The idea of hearing about possible future scenarios seemed really intriguing. I have not listened to an episode yet but I am very excited to try it out!

​Closing Thoughts

​I hope you find an interesting podcast to add to your collection from what I have mentioned!

​As a side thought, I have been listening to my podcasts at 1.5x speed and it sounds a bit weird when I switch it back to normal speed. I wonder if this means my brain is getting accustomed to processing speech at a quicker speed?

I have also recently signed up for a trial of Audible, an audio book service.​ I really enjoy reading but have not been participating as often lately and wanted to see if I could get into audio books. For some reason, I found myself not enjoying listening as much as I enjoyed reading.

Maybe ​it is the book I chose or the narrator? Anyhow, I will finish listening to the audio book and see if my opinions change. On that note, I would appreciate any recommendations for audio books that you liked.

Time to show off my podcast statistics from the Pocket Casts application!

Pocket Casts Statistics

​Alright, not very impressive but look at how many times I have blinked! I am on my way to becoming a master podcast listener :).

​Which podcasts do you listen to and why do you enjoy them?

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