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Podcasts to Listen to in 2018: A Software Developer’s Perspective

Hello, devoted readers. Rejoice as I am still alive!

Still here?

The reason that I have not posted in a while is simply because I was lazy. I wish there could have been a better excuse but that is the truth. Although, "being lazy" sounds like an excuse in itself.

Anyhow, I wish to continue sharing my thoughts with the world in 2018 (and beyond). Stay tuned for more objectivelysubjectively awesome content this year!

Last year, I wrote about some of the podcasts I was listening to and I think this could be something I do each year. What do you think?

My Current "Podlist"

Yes, that was a terrible play on "Playlist".

As opposed to describing each podcast like last time, here is a list of podcasts I am enjoying in alphabetical order:

  1. Better Off
  2. Developer Tea
  3. Does Not Compute
  4. Flash Forward
  5. Layout
  6. Planet Money
  7. The Indicator
  8. Simple Programmer
  9. Stuff You Should Know
  10. Syntax
  11. Up First

"Dang, that is a lot of podcasts to keep up with!"

Yes, I have to agree that 11 podcasts does seem like quite a bit to stay up to date with. However, keep in mind that the publishing schedule for each podcast is different so some may have an episode a week while others may have multiple.

As a result, I personally feel like this combination of podcasts provide something to listen to almost every day while not being too overwelming.

Wait But Why

Wait, but why these podcasts?

One revolving theme in the podcasts I have chosen so far for this year is the goal of improving myself as a person.

I want to become a better developer. I want to have a better grasp on what is happening around me. I want to become more financially educated. I want to expand my mind.

I want to become a more well-rounded person.

Audiobooks Revisisted

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned how I did not have a good experience with audiobooks despite my love for podcasts.

My opinion on audiobooks has changed since then. My feelings for audiobooks may be as strong as my emoitions for podcasts now. They are both quite essential to my daily life.

I believe I just needed some more time listening to audiobooks to truly appreciate the experience. Currently, I try to have at least one fiction and one nonfiction book available to fit my ever-changing mood.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you found at least one of the podcasts listed enjoyable! Even though the title of this post will attract software developers, I am comfortable mentioning non-development related pocasts.

I truly believe that improving one section of your life will improve all other parts as well. Becoming a more well-rounded person will also make you a better developer!

Time for show and tell!

Pocket Casts Statistics

I am still listening to podcasts and audio-books at 1.5x speed. An interesting side effect of this is that the hosts sound weird when I hear them on other mediums at normal speed.

Anyways, what do you guys think of starting a tradition of listing my favorite podcasts each year? Also, do you have any podcasts you would recommend and why?

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