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Organizing My Life with Trello

“How does David get so much done?” I wish I got things done. 🙁 I use a variety of tools that aid me in my quest to be seemingly productive. Today, I will be discussing my thoughts on Trello. What Is Trello? Before you learn how to organize your life with Trello, let’s find out […]

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Acts of Kindness

I recently had the opportunity to experience true, unfiltered selflessness.In this chaotic world of ours, I find solace in the fact that there are people who are so generous without expecting anything in return. Despite hearing about kind acts in media, I believe that we do not fully understand selflessness until we experience it for ourselves.Not to say that […]

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console.log(“Hello, world!”);

It is often recommended that one writes a “hello world” program when learning a new programming language but the reasoning behind that endorsement is often neglected.There are several, often unspoken, rationales to this undertaking:To confirm that the programming language is installed correctly.To learn the basic syntax of the language.To understand the environment that the program […]

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